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Seagate SSD when is it too much space?

Seagate  SSD when is it too much space?   Are you one of those people that need to decide between removing Game of Thrones or your favourite series off you harddrive because you are out of space?   Well thanks to Seagate running out of Harddrive space is a thing of the past. Released in 2017 the Seagate 60TB SAS SSD is all the storage space you could ever need. To put this into terms we can relate to on a personal level that would be 12 000 movies and half a billion...

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5G is it worth it for South Africa

5G what is all the hype and is it worth it?  Let us pretend for a moment that 5G is up and running, there are enough towers that everyone can benefit from it and that all network carriers and phone manufacturers have it enabled. That the tech war between Trump and China is over and all is well in the world. You have just purchased the latest Iphone 23, Samsung Galaxy S45 or Huawei P70 and are excited to try out 5G speeds. At close to 990 Mpbs it is enough to make any speedtes...

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