Who and What is Mogul Technology


Mogul Technology is part of the Mogul Group. Run by like minded and dynamic individuals wanting to share our growth with our business partner and customers. The Mogul Group has always embraced technology in the pursuit of staying ahead of the curve and growing with the world as technological advanced are made. We understand that businesses have to grow with the times but it is not always easy and can be extremely expensive.

A Mogul is some one that is at the top of their game and brings people with them in a shared vision to ensure wealth generation. 


It is also about giving back to the community at large and sharing what we have been given. It is this reason that Mogul Technology and the group employs young vibrant learners and trains them in every field of the business to help them grow into entrepreneurs in their own right. Providing them with the opportunities they may not get by themselves. We try empower them with the tools they need to succeed and in return they will pay it forward by sharing the wisdom they have obtained.



Finding our “Why”


Mogul knows that it is not what you do but the reason that you do it. Finding the WHY in our business is our main goal. We know every business is out there to create wealth however this is not our main focus. We are here to share our expertise and to help all those in our gravitation field to grow with us.


To pass on what we have been given or acquired and to assist all our associates and customers with growth and rising above to excel in what ever needs to be done.

Do not fear the future


It is in human nature to be worried about the future and what it holds. The fear of the unknown is ingrained into us but with close allies it seems to make things easier.


At Mogul we embrace the known and whilst we cannot prepare for any eventuality we know that with equally minded business partners and clients we can walk the road together knowing everyone is supported.

Technology can assist with future growth and by trying to stay above the curve we can learn to forsee where we are heading. Let us help you stay ahead and keep looking forward.

We are here to help

We want to hear from you, be it for feedback or if you need assistance or support, get in touch with us and we would be delighted to help out where we can.

Feel free to use the contact box below and one of our support staff will get in touch with you shortly.

Meet our dedicated Staff

Taryn Smit

Sales and Marketing

Mobile: 083 922 7671

Email: taryn@mogullop.co.za

Tristan Muller

Hardware sales and Technical

Mobile: +27 084 290 5569

Email: tristan@mogulgroup.co.za

Ayanda Mzaidume

Website and Hosting

Mobile: +27 073 283 9279

Email: support@mogulgroup.co.za