Mogul Technology services in a nutshell.

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Hardware and Components, PC and Laptop


Mogul Technology is all about putting the strength of having the best computer and parts that you can afford without taking your entire budget.

As our staff range from gamers to designers so we know the costs of keeping up with latest games and specs.


As business owners we also understand how much capital it takes to keep your systems up to date.


That is why we try keep our prices as low as possible and all our customers keep coming back. If you are looking for something we have not listed, feel free to contact us for special pricing or to source what you require.

We also offer software, antivirus programs and games. From a major partners and dealers we obtain great pricing and due to our payment structures we are able to offer the savings on to our amazing clients.


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Domain, email and Website design


Are you still using a free email address for your business. Have you joined the online community.

Take your business to the next level and show professionalism with your own domain, an email address

With our starter website design packages, every business can now afford to have their own part of the internet. Be more visible and link to your social media pages.

We will also handle all the Search engine optimisation for you and give online and telephonic support whenever you need it.

Maybe you are not techno savy. We will also assist in setting up your emails on all your devices.


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Support, Service level agreements and help desk


Part of Mogul’s service to you our client is to provide you with support with any issues or queries. We can offer telephonic support, Desktop (over the pc) or even on site assistance. We are here to help and so are our many technicians. Do you want a number all your staff can call anytime instead of bothering you each time? We offer companies service level agreements where we can do on site support at your office or free desktop support included in the SLA.

Do you need help with setting up your business network or making all your devices talk to each other. We are easily able to help no matter the size of your company.


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Home and business automation


Mogul Technology can automate your business no matter how big or small. Let us connect all your devices seamlessly. We can also offer point of sale systems, Printers and all business hardware and software to keep your business up to date with latest advances and keep productivity high.

For the home, we can offer servers allowing you to view movies or music in any room without having to have it all saved on every device. Take it even further and let us fully automate your house from turning on lights or even the pool pump and sprinkler system from your phone or tablet. Anything you can think of we will do.


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We love our new website, the colours are just what we wanted and traffic has increased substantially. Thanks for all the hard work


TSl Logistics director

Thank you for updating our website and creating something dynamic and interactive. It really has made it easier to showcase what we do and generated new clients from day 1.

Roger Byrne

Esure Administrators